Here’s the final production on a song you’ve heard a sneak peek of already!!!

    Buy Lucky HERE 

    Or listen via your favourite streaming service…

    I wrote Lucky after i had my daughter last year and was feeling the love in a big way, but it is also directed at my amazing husband/partner/best friend James and all my other special loved ones. I hope we can all keep singing it to our loved ones together and spread some gratitude around for those special people in our lives.

    We are all Lucky…

    Love you guys!

    More music coming sooooooon!!!!


  • New live shows!


    Upcoming live shows; showcasing new songs from the forthcoming album as well as old favourites.

    Hope to see you there! Come and enjoy a nice evening with me and my band. xxLenka

    Sydney: Lazybones Thursday September 14th,  doors at 5pm.

    Los Angeles: Hotel Cafe Tuesday October 17th, doors at 6:30pm.

    New York: Mercury Lounge Thursday October 19th, doors at 6:30pm.


  • Happy New Year!! BTV gala China

    Happy New Year everybody! Yay for 2017. Here is a clip of me singing and swinging with my animal friends to Trouble Is A Friend on the Chinese BTV NYE gala. Craziness!


    Watch Here



  • End of year update and New Song Video!

    Hello beautiful people,

    Another year has passed and what a crazy year it was. Seems i was wrong about the peace and love and unity i hoped for in the world? Still, i’m eternally optimistic about the goodness of humans to accept and support each other, no matter who we are or where we are from. I’m digging deep to find this optimism lately, but will not let it go.

    For me personally, it has been a quiet year full of love and bliss. I took a break from doing anything creative for a while (besides creating a daughter and giving love to my family) and then slowly began to be inspired again to write and record music again these past few months. I’ve written a bunch of new songs now and am actually in the process of producing them myself. (Something i’ve always wanted to do actually, and now, for album 5, it’s time.) I’m loving it! A huge learning curve, but very enjoyable to be creating all the music and beats to accompany the songs.  We did a session in a country church studio near Byron Bay which was an absolute delight. I can’t wait for you to hear the new songs! They are very special to me and i’m exploring some new concepts in the lyrics and the production style.

    Wishing you all a very merry christmas, or a whatever you celebrate at this time of year. Have a beautiful time with the special people in your life and lets all put out some gratitude to the universe for the good things we have!!!

    Here is a video of me singing one of my new songs on a country lane. Live and raw! This song “Lucky” is a little ditty i wrote for my family, but you can sing it to your loved ones too.

    Thank you, lots of love,



  • December shows

    Hey gang! I’m playing a few special shows before the end of the year. Just Sydney and China.

    11th December – The Bearded Tit (free show): 7pm – 183 Regent St Redfern, Sydney.

    14th December – Shenzhen China concert: Shenzhen Concert Hall – http://piao.damai.cn/109614.html

    15th December – Shanghai China concert: Shanghai Oriental Art Center – http://piao.damai.cn/109587.html

    17th December – Xi’an China concert: Dahua 1935 Livehouse – (ticket link coming)


    Hope to see you there! I might play a new song or two…


  • Blue Skies – The Remixes

    Hey Hey and happy new year!!!! 2016 is going to be a good one; i can feel it. Peace and love and unity and all that good stuff please…
    Last year i put out my single Blue Skies and then asked a few peeps to do remixes too. I love hearing what other creatives make of my songs. There is now an EP available to buy or stream! See below:

    Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/blue-skies-the-remixes-ep/id1069810266

    Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0kkBJyIlvu9I2NqpgPS4xq

  • Stolen Dance cover

    We had so much fun playing the awesome Milky Chance song Stolen Dance last year on tour, we’ve made it available to stream so you guys can listen too! Hope you like!
    The musicians you’re hearing are Trey Lockerbie on guitar, Blake Strauss on bass, Taylor Dexter on drums and me on midi-keys-marimba. 🙂

  • Photos from The Bright Side Tour 2015







  • Unique video!

    Here it is, the “selfie” video for Unique.

    Thanks for dancing with me Sugarbombs!!

  • Zine

    Here are a few pics of the exclusive art zine you get with deluxe pre-order packs for The Bright Side. It includes multi-media art and writing, lyrics and also fan-art!!

    Get your copy now! lenka.merchdirect.com (there will be a few available at USA shows too…)

    IMG_7985small IMG_7986small IMG_7987small