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    Would you like to be in a Lenka Video? I’m making a new video for the song ‘Unique’ and i want lots of awesome, unique, amazing people to be in it!

    What you need to do : Send me a short video (10 secs or so) of you dancing to the song. It’s best if it is in front of a plain background if possible. Be yourself and go crazy or just groove along smiling, and together we will make a unique global cyber dance party! (or something).

    For best results, do not turn the camera around to “selfie mode”, better yet, have a friend video you or place your phone/camera/computer on a table with you framed in the centre.
    See below for my attempt: (made with quicktime and exported for iPads etc)

    Download a clip of the song ‘Unique’  here.
    Make a video of yourself dancing for about 10 seconds to the song.
    Make it horizontal/landscape, with you in the centre and not too low-res. (i.e. no flipped selfie camera mode)
    Use a phone, digi camera or Quicktime/media player on your computer.
    Export for internet use (1280 x 720)
    Upload at www.wetransfer.com
    Put in lenkatwo@gmail.com as “friend’s email” and click TRANSFER!

    Deadline is end of April!

    (I will do my best to include everyones video. The better they look, the more chance you have of being included!)

    Note: By submitting recorded material you acknowledge that I may publicly release some or all of this material in conjunction with other footage for the ‘Unique’ music video.


    Hey guys, here is a glimpse of behind-the-scenes at the photo shoot for The Bright Side and also the album track ‘The Bright Side’!

    Hope you enjoy…


    Here is the music video for Blue Skies! Shot around my neighbourhood in Sydney, this video is an ode to suburban daydreaming and telling your fortune in the clouds. Enjoy, you blue sky babies!


    Hey hey! Here is the cover of my next album, which is coming out in June!

    It was shot by www.kristinburns.com in Joshua Tree, California. Look out for a little behind the scenes video, which i will post soon.

    The Bright Side


    Germany! My new single “Blue Skies” is out NOW! Also Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg!!

    See below for a link to buy and i hope you enjoy some beautiful blue skies in your own life this weekend.
    Love you guys! xxLenka


    ps – you can sneak a peak at the track listing and album release date for The Bright Side here too!



    This song was a bonus track on the Asia tour edition of ‘Shadows’ last year.
    A few people have been asking me what the lyrics are! So for the purpose of clarity, and, well, because i like you, here is the song and the lyrics.

    New album is in the works for early 2015, very excited, stay tuned for ‘The Bright Side’. :)

    Lotsa love, Lenka.

    ‘Dreamer’s Serenade’

    What would you say to a couple of days
    With wind in our sails we’ll be carried away
    Life is but a dreamer’s serenade
    Give me your hand and try to understand
    It could be true for me and you
    Life is but a dreamer’s serenade
    We’ll be rowing a boat down a river if you please
    We will stop to hear the wind rush through the trees
    What do you think if we grow some wings and fly up into the sky
    Life is but a dreamer’s serenade.
    We’ll be having the time of our lives in paradise
    Can you see the sun reflected in my eyes?
    Give me your hand and try to understand
    It could be true for me and you
    Life is but a dreamer’s serenade…