December 6th 2019

Two New Releases!

Two new songs out! They are twins, in a way, as they are the first singles from my forthcoming twin EPs Recover and Discover, out in 2020.

The first is a cover of the beautiful Pat Benatar song We Belong (David Eric Lowen, ‎Dan Navarro). It was recorded by Josh Schuberth in the Blue Mountains, Australia, 2019.

Check out We Belong HERE

The second is my new song On My Side, an ode to relationships and how they can save you from times of existential anxiety. It was produced by Darren Seltmann in Avalon, Sydney, 2019.

Check out On My Side HERE

Hope you enjoy…


December 3rd 2019

Parlour Gigs

Announcing Lenka with

Would you like to host a Lenka concert in your home? You can now apply to do just that!

Head over to Parlour Tours to find out how…


May 28th 2019

Live recording and other re-releases

Heya, a few of my old recordings have been added to streaming services, including this live performance from the Rhapsody stage in 2008!!!  Check it out!

Also now available is the expanded edition of my debut album Lenka (with bonus tracks)

The expanded version of my album Two (with bonus tracks)

And all the remixes for Trouble Is A Friend

[[[ Blasts from the past while i cook up some new music…]]]


September 24th 2018

10 Year Anniversary of ‘LENKA’ debut album

Wow! Time flies. 10 years ago i released my first solo album with so much excitement and anticipation it was crazy. Since then life has been a very satisfying rollercoaster, full of music and travel, love and laughter, nature and family.

I know this album is special to a lot of people out there. I’ve heard stories that connect this music to important times in your lives, about how sometimes one of these songs helps you get through a tough time in your life, or provides the soundtrack to a nostalgic moment that will stay with you forever. I can’t tell you how good this makes me feel, it’s so special.

So thank you to all who helped create this album and bring it out into the world! And thanks to all of you who hold it dear…