Category: videos

  • One Moment (official behind the scenes video)

    Being in the studio is fun. Especially with these lovely guys and these gorgeous kids, working on this song that means so much to me. Recorded at Golden Retriever Studios in Sydney Australia, produced and mixed by Dave Jenkins Jr. Engineering and additional recording by Simon Berckelman, Mastered by Steve Smart. Featuring Benjamin Corbett, Ross…

  • Ivory Tower Video!

    Check out the video for Ivory Tower, co-directed by Lenka and Mitch Hertz.     This video was shot “selfie-style” in Lenka’s daughter’s bedroom, on a iPhone, with lights, costumes and wigs from the dress-up box. The footage was then animated by Mitch Hertz into a vintage-MTV-Monty Python-esque paper art world of revolving towers where…

  • Attune Craft Instructions!

    Hello, here is a little video showing you how to turn the Attune CD cover into a pop-up diorama to stick on your shelf! Order your copy HERE!