February 14th 2020


Here it is, my covers EP, Recover! You can stream or buy HERE
It was produced by the amazing Josh Schuberth at Endomusia Studios  in the Blue Mountains, Australia in 2019. We had a lot of fun re-interpreting these songs. And it was the key to unlocking my own song-writing to make the next EP coming, Discover.
Read more about each track HERE

(photography by Alex Vaughan. Design by James Gulliver Hancock.)
January 31st 2020

New Releases!


This February will see the release of my two EPs, Recover and Discover!

I’m very excited to share these with you all. Recover consists of six covers and Discover is six originals! (you’ve already heard a taste, We Belong and On My Side)

I will be releasing digitally and on vinyl, which you can buy right here in a deluxe pack with some extra goodies. Pre-order now! Packs will be sent out just before the release date of the 2nd EP, February 28th.



(photo by alexvaughan.com)

January 12th 2020

Recover/Discover Tour

Excited to announce i’ll be touring around Australia and Europe this year! Check out the dates and ticket links and hope to see you at a show!

December 6th 2019

Two New Releases!

Two new songs out! They are twins, in a way, as they are the first singles from my forthcoming twin EPs Recover and Discover, out in 2020.

The first is a cover of the beautiful Pat Benatar song We Belong (David Eric Lowen, ‎Dan Navarro). It was recorded by Josh Schuberth in the Blue Mountains, Australia, 2019.

Check out We Belong HERE

The second is my new song On My Side, an ode to relationships and how they can save you from times of existential anxiety. It was produced by Darren Seltmann in Avalon, Sydney, 2019.

Check out On My Side HERE

Hope you enjoy…


December 3rd 2019

Parlour Gigs

Announcing Lenka with ParlourGigs.com:

Would you like to host a Lenka concert in your home? You can now apply to do just that!

Head over to Parlour Tours to find out how…