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  • Announcement for China! The Champion Tour 2024

    I’m so excited to come over and celebrate with you… Get excited! Two more shows to be announce very soon..

  • US Shows

    Very much looking forward to these shows, it’s been too long! I started my solo music career in Los Angeles and signed my record deal in NYC in 2007 so the nostalgia is DEEP!!! Can’t wait to be back with you, my American friends…

  • Aussie Tour!

    Get excited for some full band home shows Australia:

  • Silhouette

  • China Tour 2023

    Don’t miss your chance to see Lenka and band at these special concerts in China! TICKETS

  • Upcoming Asia Tour!

    Lenka and band to perform 4 shows in Asia for the first time in years! Don’t miss out, tickets via link in tour info.

  • Winter Sun

    New single Winter Sun out now! Stream This song was written in the middle of the 2020 Covid pandemic lockdown. I was sitting with my ukulele in a stream of winter sun, thinking about a friend who was going through personal tragedy whilst also being isolated in lockdown. The warmth of the sun reminded me…

  • Stop Thinking so Much !!!

    New song out! Stream/download  HERE I hope you like it! xxLenka

  • New Song release: Ivory Tower

    I’m very excited to share with you a new song I wrote last year during lockdown. It’s called Ivory Tower and I had a huge amount of fun creating it with Sydney-based producer and artist Dave Jenkins Jr. The song is mostly sung from the perspective of a character; I was trying to get inside…